Copy-Editing ~

EditAbove will carefully check your written material for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation issues. Challenges found in the text concerning subject transitions, wordiness, jargon, and style can be fixed or just flagged at the client’s discretion. EditAbove will follow your preferred reference guides and / or in-house style guide. Should you not have a style guide, ask about having one created for you!

Pricing: Free quote within 24 hours; the rate is $85/hour (minimum charge is 1 hour).

Proofreading ~

When the material is nearly a finished product, meaning it has been edited, laid out, and designed, EditAbove can proofread for typographical errors. The proofreader works with a facsimile of a finished product, or a proof (hence the term proofreading) to make sure everything is still in stellar shape. With this service EditAbove would not suggest major changes to the text; rather, advise on minor text and formatting errors and confirm the material is ready for publication. This can be a service to ask for if you’re seeking a “lighter” kind of edit, where you are hoping for only the most pressing changes to be made (perhaps your document has been approved by a board of directors already or the like).

Pricing: Free quote within 24 hours; the rate is $85/hour (minimum charge is 1 hour).

Writing ~

EditAbove’s professional writing mostly focuses on journalistic style writing, storytelling, or for lighter corporate as well as non-profit or personal-focus documents. For any other writing needs, please contact EditAbove; a business well connected with others.

Pricing: Contact us for a free quote

Workshops and Instruction ~

If there’s a workshop you’d like offered to a small or large group on an editing topic, EditAbove can make this happen for you. As an example, a specialty course in hiring freelance editors, training and keeping them is available.

Pricing: Full day courses ($750) / Half day courses ($375)